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STAB Rd 2 Chp 3
Alissa steeled herself She could do this. Her opponent might have the type advantage, but Cytoplasm could heal, as well as manipulate his environment.
"Dizzy, you did fine. Return." Alissa recalled the Whimsicott, glaring as her opponent smiled widely at his Banette.
"Did you see that Jason! One down, one to go!" The Banette smacked him.
"Yeah, sure kid. Keep your head in the game." Luther nodded, turning back to face Alissa.
"You were great Scott. Just take care of this Reuniclus, okay?" Scott was looking remorseful. He turned to Jason, his eyes wide and teary.
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STAB Rd 2 Chp 2
STAB Round Two Chapter Two
"This is silly." And although Alissa wasn't really inclined to agree with whiners, she had to agree.
It was currently 7:58am, and Alissa and all the other Round Two competitors were hiding behind some bushes not far from the lake. While originally people had just planned on showing up at a leisurely pace, the Magma member Alissa had been arguing with had on the boat had had different plans for their arrival.
Somehow, and Alissa still wasn't sure, Leo had convinced the entire group that they should wait until exactly 8:00am, then 'magically' appear. At first, the idea has sounded fun. That was until all the competitors had to cram themselves behind a few scraggly bushes.
"This is cruel and unusual." Alissa muttered. She crossed her arms, not caring that she just thwacked some poor persons Torchic, who ran for cover. Behind her, Alissa heard someone giggling.
"I can certainly agree to that." Alissa turned to see a shortish woman smiling slightly. A Chimecho was
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STAB Rd 2 Chp 1
Alissa gasped, flinging herself out of her bed. She had grown up with two brothers, and she had learned early on that if you heard noises in your room you dived for the floor, lest you (and your bed) be soaked by a water gun.
"Woah, what the hell?" Ashleigh roared, moving out of the way of the flying twelve year old. "Relax man. I was just getting up. Alarm, you know?" She grinned at the girl at her feet. Alissa glared.
"Sorry. What time is it?" Alissa mumbled as she pulled herself into a sitting position. The sun had risen, though not very far. Why am I awake this early?
"It's just about six thirty. Trust me, I wouldn't be up this early either if I had a choice. Unfortunately, us losing competitors have to clean the lake out early." Ashleigh rummaged through her dresser. "Hey, this look good?"
"Uh yeah, sure." Alissa wasn't paying much attention. Since she was up, she might as well stay up.
Alissa dragged herself over to her own dresser and fumbled for her bathing suit. It look
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STAB Rd 2 Prologue
Things had been going well for Judge Benny so far. Although she would never had admitted it, Rob and Steve's horror stories of their time in the PCBCOS had made her nervous about damage control. She had watched several of the battles with a pit in her stomach, noting that the battles grew closer and closer to her precious research facilities with anxiety.
But aside from a few troublemakers who had attempted to break into the compound, round one had proceeded without a hitch. All of the contestants who had lost had agreed to stay on the island until STAB was over with a minimum of griping, and the winners had abided by the rules quite amiably. In short, it had been a great day.
Benny set off from the research station to her dorm. She had had a few field notes that needed compiling, and the time had really slipped by. The quarter moon had already risen as she crossed the courtyard.
Thanks to the notes Rob and I gathered, I'm sure the lake's ecology will be fine, despite round two's lo
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STAB Rd 1 Chp 3
STAB Round One Chapter Three
A few hours later and Alissa was still happy she had said no. Although Nami had pouted a bit, Alissa had quickly been able to coax her out the funk with the promise of sizing up the competition.
It had been a few glorious hours of preteen snark, and had only ended when Nami's opponent, a powerful looking young man with a wicked sweet scar came to collect her. Nami had said that we would meet up later, but it had been three hours and Alissa hadn't seen her one friend on the island.
"Clef?" Fiona had appeared out of her ball about an hour ago and had uncharacteristically comforted her trainer, which mostly consisted of shocking other trainers and their pokémon.
In fact, Fiona was doing a remarkably good job of cheering her trainer up. All of Alissa's pre-teen angst was flowing away. After she had zapped a particularly vicious looking Houndoom, Alissa and Fiona were so busy giggling at the Houndoom's reaction that they didn't even notice the other trainer
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STAB Rd 1 Chp 2
STAB Round One Chapter Two
Alissa wasn't sure how Nami had managed to convince her into this. This just seemed stupid. The tower loomed above her, the electricity conducted from its peak to its base crackling with hostility. Alissa gulped, trying to remember how this situation had occurred.
Shortly after the judges had dismissed the various contestants to their matches, Nami had pulled Alissa off behind one of the buildings. In the sudden jostling, Nami's elbow accidentally collided with the button on Dizzy's pokeball, and the mischievous Whimisicott was released.
"Ah! Nami, what gives? Why'd you pull me back here?" Alissa whipped her arm out of Alissa's grasp, massaging it.
"Sorry. I wanted to pull you into some bushes, but you know how they are about the plants here…" Nami looked apologetic. Behind her Dizzy made little kissy motions.
"No, I mean what's with pulling me behind anything?" Alissa felt the wall behind her, the c
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STAB Rd 1 Chp 1
STAB Round One Chapter One
"This sucks."
Alissa glared at the pink phone in her hands. She hated pink.
It had all been going well for her before the phone fiasco. She and Nami had gotten off the boat and proceeded through the… intense physical examinations with little to no strife, even getting lollipops for their trouble. Nami, while being a bit of a chatterbox, turned out to be good company, and Alissa rarely interacted with girls her own age.
In fact, the morning had gone on without a hitch until they had reached the plaza, where one of the judges had been handing out phones. At the time, Alissa had been to busy looking for Cytoplasm, who had escaped from his pokeball to really notice what color it was. Nami, who had noticed hers in time to loudly exclaim that ninja's simply did not have pink phones was quickly handed a black one, and had left pleased with life.
But by the time Alissa had pulled Cyto out of the Aspear tree ("DON'T TOUCH THE PLANTS!!!", co
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STABoct Audition
"EEEEEAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTT MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!" Ninik screeched, hastily zooming away from the screen as a slimy, off-color tongue appeared, almost caressing the other side of the screen. The owner of the tongue, an albino Pikachu, advanced on the camera recording his antics, an almost maniac expression dancing across his face. In the background of the video, a voice called out "Jack, no, that's not for eating! Ah, no, not tha-" The voice was abruptly cut off as camera was swallowed. Ninik looked down at her trainer, who was laughing uproariously at the Pikachu's antics.
"Ninjask? Nin nin jask nin?" Her chirpy, metallic query sounded doubtful, and at the sound of her voice Alissa looked up from the computer.
"Oh come on, Ninik, you know this is amazingly awesome! I mean, look at how stupid that thing is!" She turned back to the screen, clicking on a link to 'Jack attempts to eat burrito'. "And besides, this is good prep work for when I get to be the best battler ever! Take thi
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STABoct Ref Sheet by Test-Much STABoct Ref Sheet :icontest-much:Test-Much 3 8
Mature content
TSAR Round One Bonus Chapter :icontest-much:Test-Much 0 0
TSAR Round One Chapter Four
Elzdrek stared at the large pile of wood in front of her with a sort of grim satisfaction. It had taken her three hours to build, and although was still smaller than the dozen or so others that doted the landscape, it was going to play a very, very important role in the death of her opponent. Heaving a sigh of satisfaction, she turned and began to climb a nearby tree, hoping to find dead branches or some other sort of brittle substance.  It had been six days since her talk with Maghendan, and she was almost ready to start.
"Most Devoted Follower, is Maghendan nearby? He shouldn't be here for another three hours, but still…" Elzdrek looked for her loyal subject, and was surprised to see that it was not around. Although the hound was unable to help her in her mission, it was fairly intimidating and had warded off all but the most aggressive of creatures. Elzdrek frowned. I can't sense it's presence through the link either. This bodes poorly. Ah well, there is
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Mature content
TSAR Round One Chapter Three :icontest-much:Test-Much 0 0
TSAR Round One Chapter Two
Out of the many new ways Elzdrek had traveled, she found that being carried in a leathery talon to be one of the most unpleasant. For one thing, it was painful. For another, it meant (at least in this scenario) that she was about to be eaten. And while Elzdrek would normally kill any creature that showed this level of arrogance, right now it had done her a favor; it had saved her from her opponent, who was about to bash her into a tasty pulp.
"I suppose I owe you, creature. As such, I'm not going to kill you. That would be uncivilized. So, um, I guess, thanks?" Elzdrek felt ridiculous. It wasn't like the leathery thing was going to reply. So far, none of the things she had met had been intelligent, and she was getting somewhat lonely. I wish I had a follower right now…
Elzdrek shook herself. She had business to attend to. First and foremost, she had to free herself. Secondly, she had to concoct a plan to kill her opponent. And thirdly, she had to pull of said plan. Things
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TSAR Round One Chapter One
Round One: Adaptation
Pilotzen was known throughout the multiverse for Her intelligence, wisdom and, above all, Her attention to detail. So when She decided to hold the first test for her potential apprentices in a jungle, Pilotzen decided to go all out. When not recruiting entrants, Her many judges had been sent throughout time and space to bring anything dangerous, bloodthirsty, or otherwise unpleasant for Her little world.  By the end, She was enamored with Her project. Not only had She created the perfect death trap for Her contestants, but She had also created a place with countless points of life. This was quite relaxing. Maybe she should do this more often. It was a great stress reliever…
Elzdrek stomped through the ferns, her eyes scanning the sky. She had already been ambushed twice by air dwellers, and was only able to escape by virtue of her small size. She stumbled, then snarled.
"That's it! These have to go!" She clawed at the heels
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TSAR Audition
Unlike all other creatures in the multiverse, which are thought to have originated through the curves and spirals of space, Hounds of Tindalos are thought to have been born through the angles. And, while to puny mortal beings the Hounds can appear completely alien, to higher beings Hounds of Tindalos pose no threat. There are stronger, faster, more unique creatures amongst their followers. There would be no need for them, and furthermore, it was impossible to communicate with the Hounds. They were an unsolved mystery, one that was never important enough to learn about, nor destroy.
However, an Elder God once had a follower return after being taken by a Hound. It was the first creature to ever visit the Hounds home plane and survive. While the follower was clearly insane, the god managed to extract memories from the writhing mass, although they were so distorted little could be gained. One fact was clear though; something had interacted with the God's follower, beyond the normal consump
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Elzdrek ref pt. 2
Across countless dimensions, farther than time can be applicablied, there once was an oily, glimmering purple sea. Under its surface things moved, sending vibrations throughout its depths. Among those inhabiting the living sea was Itself, as far as the sea can be contrasted to the god that came from it.
The ocean possessed no mind, nor any way to think, but it had a hatred: a hatred for change. The creatures living inside of the ocean were immune to its attempts to rid them of their existences, so the sea lashed out at everything; the shore it washed upon, against the wind that formed it into waves, even the cracks that would appear beneath it.
Then a change, different than any before, occurred. A strange element appeared inside It, an element like Itself, like the wind that plagued it. The ocean strangled the creature, leaving its unmoving body to lie within Itself.
However, the sea began to be curious. A destroyable change was a phenomenon it had never known.. As Its curiosity gr
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